Skirt Sports Giveaway!

To keep the blogiversary celebration going, Katie from Skirt Sports has contributed  this super cute visor and sling bag for you to win!

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1.   Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment to let me know.  Already a follower?  Check in with a comment on this post. (+2 entries)

2. Become Skirt Sports fan on Facebook. (Let them know I sent you if you don’t mind.) Leave your Facebook name on this post’s comments section. (+2 entries)

3. Follow Skirt Sports on Twitter. (Tell them I sent you their way, if you want!) Leave your Twitter nickname on this post’s comments section. (+2 entries)

4. Like Slow is the New Fast on Facebook. Leave your Facebook name on this post’s comments section. (+2 entries)

5. Follow me Twitter, leave nickname in comments section. (+2)

Optional entries:

1. Spread the word about this giveaway via Twitter or Facebook.  Leave a comment on this post and let me know. (+3 entries for each one)

2. Announce this giveaway on your own blog, and let me know. (Leave a link to your blog, please!) (+5 entries)

Don’t forget to check out Skirt Sports and see all of their great running outfits!

The giveaway ends Sunday, March 25th and I’ll announce the winner on Monday, March 26th.

Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry and please enter only in the ways listed above. I reserve the right to delete comments not adhering to the above entry guidelines.  You must be 18+ years old & live in the USA or Canada. The winner will be notified via email, they will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen.

Good luck!!

If you would like to sponsor a giveaway on my blog (or you know someone that does) please contact me by sending me an email to  I will always disclose whether or not the giveaway is sponsored by someone else or if it is one of my very own.


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114 responses to “Skirt Sports Giveaway!

  1. WooooHoooo! I already follow your blog.

  2. I am already a Skirt Sports FB fan: Amanda Fritz Carey and I belive also with my TooTallFritz FB page.

  3. And I am also a Slow is the New Fast FB fan: Amanda Fritz Carey (for sure) and probably TooTallFritz as well.

  4. ssoccer27

    I follow you!

  5. ssoccer27

    Like you on facebook!

  6. heather carter

    Hi, liked you on facebook. Heather anne shukoff carter.
    Love this!!

  7. Lori

    Just “shared” your site on my FB page and just “liked” the Slow is the New Fast Fastbook page. I love SkirtSports!!!!

  8. ~K~

    i follow your blog! runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  9. ~K~

    i liked skirt sports on fb and said ya sent me [username karen r m] runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  10. ~K~

    following them on twitter! [username ~K~ or runner_girl5k] runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  11. ~K~

    i like you on fb [username karen r m] runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  12. ~K~

    i follow you on twitter [username ~K~ or runner_girl5k] runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  13. ~K~

    i tweeted about it! [username ~K~ or runner_girl5k] runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  14. Already a fan of Skirt Sports on FB

  15. I follow Skirt Sports on Twitter. My username is LucyATL

  16. I like Slow Is The New Fast on Fb. My name on FB is Lucia Barberena McCullough

  17. Following on Twitter, my username there is LucyATL

  18. Shared it on FB on the Newnan/PTC Moms Run This Town group.

  19. Already a Skirt Sport fan on FB!

  20. Follow Twitter Skirt Sports as deedeethatsmee.

  21. Liked Slow is the New Fast on FB.

  22. Following you on Twitter as deedeethatsmee.

  23. Shared giveaway on FB but don’t have a blog! This is my FB name.–Debbie E.

  24. Alice G

    I follow your blog!

  25. Alice G

    I like you on FB – Alice Pittaman Girton 🙂

  26. Alice G

    I already like Skirtsports on FB

  27. Alice G

    shared giveaway on fb

  28. AnnieR

    Liked Slow is the New Fast on FB

  29. AnnieR

    Following your blog and looking forward to reading your story.

  30. amanda

    following your blog

  31. I follow your blog.

  32. I like skirtsports on fb.

  33. amanda

    i like you on facebook
    amanda daley

  34. amanda

    I like skirt sport on facebook

  35. amanda

    now following skirt sport on twitter

  36. I’m following your blog!!

  37. I follow skirtsports on twitter. ITri4Him.

  38. amanda

    and I follow you on twitter

  39. I follow you on twitter.

  40. I like you on facebook (Pam Burrus)

  41. I’m following you on twitter (pamburrus)

  42. I like Skirt Sports on facebook 🙂

  43. I’m following Skirt Sports on twitter too 😉

  44. Melanie

    I like you on FB 🙂

  45. Melanie

    I forgot this part: Melanie Velleco
    on FB 🙂

  46. Melanie

    And I left this on FB on Skirt Sports: Slow is the new fast sent me 🙂 LOOOOOOOVE your stuff! Like big time girl crush love your stuff. Way to rock a design!

  47. Chasity

    I follow you

  48. Chasity

    I liked on FB (chasity johnson)

  49. Chasity

    I follow on FB

  50. shared on my facebook page

  51. Shared on Twitter!!! I need a new running skirt… can you tell??? 😉

  52. Madeline Craig

    Shared on Facebook.

  53. Madeline Craig

    I’m following you now on pin interest ….

  54. Madeline Craig

    Liked Skirt Sports. Also saw the sale so will buy, if I don’t win 🙂

  55. Jennifer Lawing

    I follow your blog!

  56. Andrea Brian

    Like you on Facebook – Andrea Hamilton Brian

  57. Andrea Brian

    Following you on Twitter – @andrea_brian

  58. Andrea Brian

    Skirt Sports fan on Facebook – Andrea Hamilton Brian

  59. Andrea Brian

    Following Skirt Sports on Facebook – @andrea_brian

  60. Andrea Brian

    Following your blog too! Andrea Brian

  61. Andrea Brian

    Tweeted about your giveaway! @andrea_brian

  62. Laurel C

    I’m a blog follower!

  63. Laurel C

    I follow you on twitter! @pace_of_laurel

  64. Laurel C

    I follow SkirtSports on twitter! @pace_of_laurel

  65. Laurel C

    I like you on Facebook!
    Laurel Cedarblade

  66. Laurel C

    I like SkirtSports on Facebook!
    Laurel Cedarblade

  67. Just joined you! Have a Bondi Band that reads “Slow is the new fast” so you know I totally get this!! Woo hoo!

  68. I liked Skirt Sports on FB!

  69. Posting a link to your giveaway on my blog!

  70. Shawna Richey

    Glad I found you! And on Facebook too!

  71. Jen R

    Alread a follower

  72. Jen R

    I follow you on FB as well. Jen Ressler

  73. Jen R

    Following Skirt sports on FB

  74. I figure if I keep entering these giveaways, I’m bound to eventually win one, right? 🙂 I follow your blog, I follow you & SkirtSports on Twitter (@aratris) and I like you & SkirtSports on Facebook (AraAnn Malmstrom).

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  76. therunningteacher

    Hi Gina!

    A follower on your blog already!

  77. therunningteacher

    Just became a fan of Skirt Sports on FB and told em you sent me! Isabel Rivera

  78. therunningteacher

    Also just became a twitter follower of Skirt Sports as well! Therunningteach

  79. therunningteacher

    Already liked your page, Slow is the New Fast on FB – Isabel Rivera

  80. therunningteacher

    And girl, you KNOW I already follow you on twitter! therunningteach

  81. therunningteacher

    I also sent out a tweet about your giveaway on Twitter. therunningteach

  82. therunningteacher

    I also updated my status with your giveaway on FB -Isabel Rivera

  83. therunningteacher

    And to help spread the message, I posted your giveaway and a link to your blog on my blog as well!

  84. theryderfamily

    I am now following your blog!

  85. theryderfamily

    I am a Skirt Sports Fan on

  86. theryderfamily

    I am following skirt sports on Twitter @theonlyicequeen

  87. theryderfamily

    I “Liked” Slow is the new fast on

  88. theryderfamily

    I am following you on Twitter

  89. theryderfamily

    AND lastly I shared about the giveaway on my facebook page /jill.ryder

  90. thekatymac

    I followed your blog!

  91. thekatymac

    I liked Slow is the New Fast on Facebook (Katy McDermott)

  92. thekatymac

    I already liked Skirt Sports on Facebook (Katy McDermott)

  93. I’m now following your blog!

  94. I follow SkirtSports on Facebook.

  95. I follow SkirtSports on Twitter (@katiedidpro)

    And for the comment above, my FB name is Katie Clark.

  96. I’m now following you on Facebook. Katie Clark

  97. I follow you on Twitter now, too. @katiedidpro

  98. Heather S.

    I follow you

  99. Heather S.

    Liked Skirt Sports on FB….Heather Sexton

  100. Heather S.

    Following Skirt sports of Twitter..Heather Sexton

  101. Heather S.

    liked Slow is the new Fast on FB Heather Sexton

  102. Barbara

    Fun giveaway! I follow your blog already.

  103. Barbara

    And I follow you on Twitter (OnlineBarbie)

  104. Barbara

    And I am a FB fan of SITNF (Barbara Brozek)

  105. Barbara

    I already follow Skirt Sports on FB too. 🙂

  106. Katie

    Like you on FB: Katie smith

  107. amanda livingston

    I follow your blog, i follow you on FB and now im a fan of skirt sports!
    Amanda Livingston

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