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A work in progress….

My husband and me after the Long Beach Carnival Classic Half Marathon. 1/26/13

My husband and me after the Long Beach Carnival Classic Half Marathon. 1/26/13


My kids and me on Mother’s Day. This is how our pictures usually turn out.

I’m a 41 year old mother to 5 beautiful children (ages 23-6) and the wife of a wonderful, supportive runner husband. I hope to be able to write from time to time about my thoughts, struggles and triumphs in running and life as a mom in general (when I have time from my life to actually write my thoughts down!). Since I started running on February 8, 2010, I’ve run in many 5k races, 10k races and 7 half marathons. I ran my first marathon on March 4, 2012 and completed my 4th marathon on January 25, 2015 (and got a PR!). Through running, drinking lots of water, making healthier food choices and cross training, I have lost 76 pounds since my journey began.
My goals here are to be able to motivate, encourage and help you with any questions you might have about getting started as a runner. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll help you find it! I also hope this can be a way for me to stay motivated and accountable too.

Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned runner, I hope you’ll be able to get something useful out of what I have to say.

Thank you for stopping by!

If you’d like to know more about my running story and weight loss journey here are a few links you can click:

I was recently chosen as one of Fitbie‘s Everyday Champions! Click here for the video.

Another Mother Runner – Follow This Mother!

Tough Chik

Huffington Post

46 responses to “About me

  1. lakin

    Still haven’t figured out how to get your updates lol

  2. jennifer

    Saw you on anothermotherrunner.com. what a great write up. You are my new hero. Check out my blog as well: diaperderby.blogspot.com

  3. Just read your guest post over on anothermotherrunner.com – AWESOME write-up! You are such an inspiration!! I had to go back through your archives and read about your year-long journey to finding your “inner runner” and becoming content with yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually…it hit me on SO many levels, and I am SO grateful. 🙂 My 9-yr-old daughter is doing her second session of Girls on the Run, and her second 5K is on May 22, and this time I am determined to run it with her. 🙂 I am 5 weeks into the Couch-2-5K program, and so far I’ve managed to push through, although (as you already know) it’s HARD to make it a priority as a mom of 4 (9, 7, 4, and 15 months)…but I WANT to do this and see it through….so reading your inspiring story this morning has been SO meaningful to me – THANK YOU!!!! 🙂 🙂 I too used to be the “tall, skinny” girl before kids. 😛

    p.s. On a related note, do you have a favorite armband holder for your iPod when you run? Right now I’ve been doing all treadmill work because I have been running late at night when everyone is in bed 😛 but I do need to transition to outdoors soon with Abby’s 5K less than 4 weeks away! 🙂

    • Hi AnnaMarie! I’m so proud of you for sticking with your training program! It will be harder on some days but you will be so glad you did it! There are days that I think I’m never going to to go run (as you’ve probably read, lol) but I’m always so glad I did, even if it is 10 at night! 🙂
      As far as he iPod goes, I’m still probably one of the last people anywhere that just hold it with my hand, lol. I’ve thought about getting an armband but I like to be able to switch songs if one just isn’t motivating me enough and I’m not sure I could do it that easily with an armband on. I would definitely do a little research on the internet to find a good one and be sure and wear it a few times before your race day.
      Congrats on you and your daughter’s running and your upcoming 1st 5k!! Please write and let me know how it goes! (You can even join my Facebook page if you would like and contact me there.) 🙂

      • Jeana

        Anna Marie – I have a Nano and a tight cover that goes over it and clips to my waist. I really didn’t like the one that went on my arm. The waist clip allows me to take it off to check my Nike Plus stats or change the song as needed.

      • I just realize I never commented back to thank you for taking the time to reply to my original blog comment 🙂 but I did join your FB page and really enjoy keeping up with you that way too. 🙂 You are SUCH an awesome inspiration and role model for me, thank you again. 🙂
        I am now at Week 7 Day 3 with the C25K program so *really* cutting it close with being ready for my daughter’s 5K on May 22nd 😛 but SUPER excited to be at the point right now where I can run 25 minutes straight (although still on the treadmill :-P) and hopeful about keeping up with my daughter come race day, hehe! 🙂 I’ll post to your FB page and let you know how it goes. 🙂

  4. Kristyn G

    saw your highlight on run like a mother today
    the LB Carnival Classic was my first 5K 🙂 Maybe one day our racing paths will cross again here on the Coast 🙂 Great Job on the 5K PR’s!!
    Kristyn – Gulfport, MS

    • How exciting, Kristyn! I’ve found that the running community is a very small world and I bet we will meet up again! I’ll be sure and keep my future races up to date and hopefully we can say hi to each other one day! Congrats on your first 5k too!!

  5. Jeana

    I saw you on anothermotherrunner today too and had to check out your blog. This is kinda weird though – we have the same name (different spellings, obviously) and our kids have the same names (I have a Zoe and a Zach too). I bookmarked your page and look forward to reading about someone with a similar running pace and taste in names. 🙂

    • How cool!! I bet your little ones are sweetie pies too! 🙂 I’m so glad you bookmarked my page. I’ve got a blog I’m hoping to post tonight. Been working on it for a couple of days, lol. Thanks for saying hi and keep in touch!

  6. Julie

    As fas as the IPod goes, I use the IPod Shuffle. It’s as small as a quarter, but square, and the whole thing is a CLIP. I clip it to my shirt and go. No carrying, no arm-band to chafe your arm ( as mine did). There is a button on it that you push and it “speaks” to you, letting you know which playlists to select. When it gets to the one you want, you hit “play.” 4 other buttons – forward, back, up volume & down volume. Very simple. I LOVE it! $50-$60 Wal-Mart and BJ’s. RUNNING SINCE JULY 2, 2010.

  7. p.s. Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts regarding an armband holder. 🙂

  8. talso66

    Hi, Gina!

    Your story is very inspiring! I started running this year and am currently training for my first half-marathon! I am in Ridgeland, MS. I just started a blog as well using WordPress and was wondering if you could tell me how you applied your Daily Mile in your sidebar. I am technology challenged! By the way, I am very slow! But getting faster! Thanks for any help you can offer about WordPress.

    • Hi! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed my blog and that you’re running too!! I’m a little challenged when it comes to figuring out WordPress myself (still figuring out some of it!). When you go to your dashboard, look on the list under Appearance and then click on Widgets. Choose “text” for your sidebar and then put the code for your button from Dailymile. To find a button or a widget from Dailymile, you can google Dailymile widgets. I hope that helps out some!! Let me know if you have any other questions. By the way, isn’t this cooler weather great??!!

      • talso66

        Thanks! and yes, the cooler weather is great! I forgot to give you my name – Lisa! My husband and I are training with Fleet Feet Sports here in Ridgeland. Maybe our “paths” will cross one day! We will be running the St. Jude Half in December. Thanks for the tips.


      • It’s nice to “meet” you, Lisa! We love Fleet Feet. In fact, we make special trips up to Ridgeland just because we like their store so much. Maybe we’ll end up in the same race together one day. 🙂

  9. Carla Werning

    Hi Gina. I just found you on FB. Thought I would send over a message. I HATE to run. I know, not what you were hoping for, but I am just being honest. I weigh 244 always. It does not matter what I do. Starve, eat good, eat bad, work out 7 days a week, life, do nothing. I always always weigh that. I love to exercise and I always dream about what I could actually do if I did not have to carry around all the extra weight. I can do a 5K today if I had to. My knees and joints would pay for a long, long time. I have done 4 sprint triathlons and LOVE to swim and bike. I dont do more because of the running. I was thinking, I wonder if there is anything to the science of good form or shoes that I dont want to rip off my feet or a program that you think would be good for me to try that may not make me more injuried. The knee pain and other joint pain is just a result of too much weight. I would love your best started type training program to see if that actually could help me learn to be a “runner”. I am slow as can be but I really dont care about that. It is starting to be fall here and so lovely outside and I have the time, just not the determination. Any advice would be awesome. I am also 38 and Mama of two amazing girls. Would love me one more baby but weight, post partium depression and pretty much every other associated fear is keeping me from that. I come from 5 girls and I love your story. Let me know if you want i can somehow message you my email. I know you probably get lots of messages so no worries on taking too much time. Thanks! Carla

  10. Wow..my story is similar to yours. My name is Melissa.I am a mom of 3 boys. I started running to lose weight and became hooked..I have run 3 Crescent City Classics and am in progress training for the Jazz half marathon in October. I was wondering if u could tell me how many calories u eat or a sample of a daily meal plan. I have been stuck at 157 and cant seem to get any more weight off. Please help.

    • I don’t have a set amount of calories that I eat daily. I just try to eat smart and eat things that will help me feel strong on my runs or my daily activities. That being said, I don’t starve myself or deny myself a cookie here and there if I want one. If my husband and I go on a date night, I will order what I want off of the menu but I have found that I get full a lot faster and may have half a plate left over. Oatmeal is one of the main things I eat for breakfast and most days I eat tuna for lunch. I drink a lot of water and that helps me to not being hungry during the day/night. I’m also planning on running the Jazz Half in October. We ran it last year and it was lots of fun. Hope some of my suggestions help!

  11. Brandi Gressett

    Hi Gina, your before and after pics are amazing!!! Curious… My grand mother was a Mooney. All of my Mooney cousins are from MS. Any relation? Next question, have you battled runner’s knee?

    • Hi Brandi,
      I know there are a lot of Mooneys around here – 2 different sets of families, actually. I married into the Mooney family so I’m not sure but we might be related! 🙂
      I’ve never had runner’s knee but I know that it’s a very common injury to have. Have you been to the doctor for it yet?

  12. Fellow and new SPA member sending some love! Your blog is great, can’t wait to check out some of your previous races!

  13. Hello Gina..just wondered why u havent responded to my post:(

    • Melissa, I’m very sorry that I haven’t responded! I probably missed it and then it got buried in the other comments/posts. If you’d like to email me gcmjjm03 at gmail, I’d be happy to talk with you!

  14. Sharon

    You’re amazing! Running has made me loose 45 pounds! I’m running my first marathon this near. November 4th! The NYC marathon. Good Luck in everything.

  15. Kerry

    Wow! And thank you! I love your story and your blog. And now I have to drop my weak excuses. 🙂

    At the risk of sounding like a stupid girl – What running skirt did you wear to run your marathon? I am looking for one that does not ride up or chafe.

    • I wear the Nike women’s 14.5 inch Power Knit Skirts. They are actually tennis skirts but work perfectly for me. They have compression shorts underneath and aren’t too short like the running skirts they have. They also have lots of different colors. I love mine! Here’s the link to the site.

  16. Frances Suazo

    Gina, this blog is great. Did you follow a specific diet or give up some food groups?

    • I didn’t follow any specific diet. I began cutting out a lot of my sugar intake and greasy foods. I started eating tuna or grilled chicken for lunch and drinking lots of water. I also started baking or grilling foods for dinner and steaming our veggies. I pay attention to food labels and try to make better decisions about what will best help me when I run or when I’m recovering from a run. It’s really worked for me. Also, I refuse to be too strict on myself because I know if I am, I’ll cave in and make bad food choices. If we are eating out somewhere and my husband and I decide to share a dessert, I eat it and enjoy it. Of course, I don’t do that everyday but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it once in awhile. 🙂

  17. Frances Suazo

    I love running. I have plantar fascitis which kept me from continuing to run. I hear that many people run despite plantar fascitis. I need to try again. Thanks for being an inspiration. You look great!

    • I’m currently dealing with it too but it bothers me more in the mornings and after I run. Have you tried using a frozen golf ball on the bottom of your foot? I hope it will get better soon! Thank you again for the kind words and for being a part of my page! 🙂

      • Dear Gina,

        I love your blog. I too am a runner, mom and hopefully a fellow blogger. I just start not that long ago. You are one of my inspiration for blogging. I am hoping to chronically my running. I also am a podiatrist so I am hoping to incorporate that into my blog. As we all know most runners will suffer from some sort of foot problems during their running career.

  18. Hi, Where do You buy those GREAT Slow is THE new fast t shirts? I am looking for one in dri fit… I live in Belgium. Could You Send me a mail onelifeliveit@proximus.be ? Tx a lot And keep on running SLOW 😉

  19. http://onelifeliveit.skynetblog.be

    Hi there, I wonder If You Could help me… Where did You get that GREAT t shirt slow is the new fast? I m looking for a dry fit one… Also for men. Could You help me ? Thanks a lot And keep on running SLOW! 😉 ps i am from belgium

  20. Cindy Andrews

    i Just curious, http://www.slowisthenewfast.com did you come up with that slogan on your own? I mean is it yours 🙂 Reason I’m asking is because I LOVE IT, and would certainly love to quote it in an email – maybe to other running buddies, or post it on facebook 🙂 So, I’m just wondering if you are the owner of this slogan, can I do that? Thank you!

    • I came up with it during a blog I was writing but it’s certainly free to use! I doubt I was the first person to say it (or will be the last, lol). Feel free to use it! Check out my Slow is the New Fast FB page too! Have a great day and happy running!!

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