SPIband Review and Giveaway!

Carry your cash, keys, ID, and credit cards.

You probably already know my love affair with SPIBelt. (Click here to read my review.) So, when Dawn at SPIBelt suggested I try their new SPIBand, I was more than excited to be able to! She even sent the black with bright pink colored one, which was icing on the cake!

Like the SPIBelt, the SPIBand is much roomier than it appears to be. It can hold your cash, keys and your ID/credit card. I even stuffed a bag of Chomps down in there, just to see if it would fit. I found it to be comfy, roomier than it looks, didn’t bounce and didn’t feel weird. It’s definitely the answer to what to do with your keys when you’re going for just a short run or going to the gym. A perfect spot to stick the bare minimals. They are sized in small, medium or large. (Larger ones can fit on your ankle!) The colors come in black, black/pink, black/turquoise, and reflective.

Here’s what SPIBelt says about their new product:

SPIband creates a more compact way to keep track of the tiniest belongings without interrupting a productive workout. With SPIband’s compact, yet roomy design, users can keep the smallest personal items around their ankle or wrist. With the safe and secure fit, users can work out without the worry of keeping up with their smallest, yet valuable belongings such as car keys, house keys, gym membership cards, cash and even wedding bands. (MSRP $9.95)

Once again, SPIBelt has lived up to their reputation of making great products! I love mine and can’t wait for one of my lucky readers to have one too!

Click here to enter!

As required by the FTC: I received a product sample in order to write my review.  I received no monetary compensation.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


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4 responses to “SPIband Review and Giveaway!

  1. Holly McNeal

    These look great.

  2. Selena Hill

    I NEEED one of these…just saw it here for the first time:)

  3. BETTY

    This looks awesome…would love one!
    Congrats on your full!

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