The Bondi Band Giveaway Winner Is….

No Slip, No Drip

Thank you to everyone that participated in my Bondi Band giveaway!! It was so much fun reading through everyone’s comments. There were a total of 196 entries!!! Because there were so many, I used a system called RandomPicker

So, here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…..

The winner of the Bondi Band of her choice is: Haley!!! Haley has a blog called Climb Run Lift Mom.

Congratulations, Haley!! Now, head on over to and pick out your choice of headband that you would like. Next, email me ( with your mailing address and headband choice and I’ll send it over to Rebecca at Bondi Band and she’ll get it out to you!!! When you receive it, I’d love for you to post it on Bondi Band and Slow is the New Fast’s Facebook page!

I’m going to be doing more giveaways soon so stay tuned to my blog, Facebook and Twitter pages!! One in particular I’m very excited about!

Congrats again, Haley!

Thanks again for taking the time to enter – I wish everyone could have won!

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