In a fog today…Running with the F.O.G. in the morning

Well, it’s finally Friday and boy, has it been a long week! In fact, today has seemed more like 2 days. Zoe decided that she wasn’t tired last night and didn’t go to sleep until after 10pm. After we finally got to bed, I couldn’t go to sleep and then when I would drift off, she would wake up or the neighborhood dogs that come to visit our dogs would show up and start a barking frenzy. Finally, around 2am I fell asleep but still not completely because Zoe is the lightest sleeper in the world, so I’m constantly up and down checking on her. By sometime around 5am I woke up and was sure that the house was either on fire or just our room was. It was so HOT!! Apparently, one of the kids had bumped the heater up a notch or two on their way to bed and I didn’t realize it until I woke up sweating as if I’d been out working in the yard. Of course, Zoe woke up (again) as I stumbled around to go turn the inferno down. She needed a little milk, so I fixed that too. By the time I got back into bed, it was still unbearably hot, I was wide awake, the visitor dogs were back, again, and I couldn’t go back to sleep at all. 😦 Three miserable hours of sleep make for an extremely long day.

My big plan was to get the older kids off to school and wait for Zoe’s 9am nap and then I’d jump in the bed too and either sleep until she woke up or until it was time to pick Zach up at 11:20. (As you can tell, I’ve done this before. Naps are wonderful!!) I fed her breakfast, we played, we watched Barney and then I carefully made my way back to her room, praying that she was at least a teeny bit sleepy. I put her in her bed and quietly slipped out, biding my time until she finally stopped wiggling and fell asleep. A few minutes went by and I started thinking I was in the clear. Nope. “Maammmmaaa!!!” You know the saying, “If I had a dollar every time…”? Well, if I even had a quarter for every time “Mama” was yelled in this house and maybe 50 cents for every trip I make trotting into that baby girl’s room everyday, Jason could surely stop working for good! 😉 Back to my pity party story, nap time just didn’t happen for either one of us this morning. She wasn’t sleepy and the April Fool’s joke was on me for even entertaining the thought of napping. There’s been no chance since then because after I picked up Zach, we had to take her for a checkup and a shot. (The last of her shots until 5, yay!)

I’m so glad that it’s finally bedtime for the little ones even though she is in her room now emptying her bed out for the 4th or 5th time and saying “Oh No, Mama” so I’ll come back in there, lol (it’s nearly 10 now by the way). I know this stage won’t last forever. It just seems like it on days like this. 🙂

Oh and did I mention that we have a race in the morning at 8? That was the whole reason for this little blog tonight but my mind seems to wander when I’m sleep deprived.

We’ll be running in Sumrall at the Run with the F.O.G. 5k. I’m a little bit more nervous about it than most races because of some wicked hills. Jason ran it a couple of years ago and said he *thought* it only had one big hill. When we drove the course yesterday, it was like a stinking roller coaster! I’m not amused. Hills don’t freak him out like they do me. I’ve been doing some hill training lately on Mondays but aiming it towards the Okatoma 5k on May 7. I guess I should just look at this as a little extra hill training for the week and quit freaking out about it.

The great thing is that I bet I won’t lose a minute’s sleep tonight over that race in the morning when I finally go to bed, if I ever make it there.

I’ll update on the race hopefully tomorrow!

Here’s the race info:

Click to access fog.pdf

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