Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy

For a long time, I’ve mulled over having my own place (other than a notebook) to jot my thoughts down as they came to me. Then, in the last month or so, I had made the decision to start a blog, if I ever had the time to sit down and form more than a sentence at a time. What I’ve found is that, not only do I hardly have time to write more than a couple of sentences at a time but the ones I do write down take forever to type because I have so much “help” while doing it. These few sentences alone  have taken about 20 minutes to write because I’ve had to try and put Zoe down for a nap (it didn’t take, btw)…and now keep her entertained while the cat tries to see how many times he can walk across my keyboard and brush his tail in my face. As she toddles off again….(and now I’m back from retrieving her), I’ve realized that my thoughts come in such huge waves that I’ll probably never blog as much as I’d like to and by the time I do get to, most of what I thought of will be forgotten because I have so many other things going on in this head of mine. C’est la vie.

Another thing I’ve realized is that technology has really gotten away from me. Back when I only had a couple of kids (wow, when was that???), it seemed like my computer knowledge was so much more vast. Now, if it doesn’t involve clicking the “Home” or “Upload pictures” button on Facebook, then I’m nearly clueless. I’ve tried to fix my little blog page up so that it looks more personalized and it’s been everything but easy! In fact, it’s been so hard that I pretty much come away feeling like a big dummy. I have always considered myself a fast learner but apparently not when it comes to this. I’m currently looking at a different blogging site that might easier for me to figure out because this one is obviously way over my head.

On a side note, I’m certainly not complaining about having an abundance of children. I really don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have them filling up our home with their diverse personalities and of course their toys and clothes! I do love a little bit of quiet time but I think I’d go stir crazy if I didn’t have someone here who needed a snack, a diaper change, help finding a toy, a ride somewhere or just someone to listen to them talk about what’s on their mind. It’s usually a circus around here most of the time and my house definitely has that tornado just hit lived in look but it’s what makes this journey through life “ours” and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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